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Petr Messner

Software developer, startup cofounder

  • marketing integration & automation for e-commerce

    Analytics, ads and e-mail newsletters all interconnected in a single tool.

  • Facebook tab designer

    Create your own tab on your Facebook page. It can be quiz, game, photo contest or any custom content—opening hours, restaurant menu… No coding required, just WYSIWYG drag&drop.

Before: Sklik.cz (PPC ad platform) and Seznam.cz developer · Open Informatics

Stuff I work with:  Python ·  C++ ·  MongoDB ·  Debian ·  ZeroMQ ·  devops ·  React ·  microservices · AWS

Location: Prague, Czech Republic (EU)

Twitter: messa_en – English · messa_cz – Czech

Code: Github · leadhub-code · Gists · SO

E-mail: petr.messner@gmail.com · GPG key

LinkedIn: my profile

Some useful links:


Open-source projects:

  • pyfw – Python iptables firewall

Personal things:

  • talks – Github repo with slides and source code from my talks
  • tips – some notes, tips etc. mostly for developers and devops
  • tools – command line scripts I use
  • dotfiles – configuration files



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